A Great Way to Find What's Owed To You, Our Podcast Schedule During These Times, What's the Deal with Toilet Paper, a New Listener Profile, and More
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Hello OLD Friend

Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day--at least the happiest it can be, given the circumstances. ☘️

First, Podcast-Related:

Still Recording

Hard to believe that about a week ago, I didn't even mention current events in the weekly newsletter. And this week, it seems impossible not to.

While social distancing is currently highly recommended, and podcasting is a very socially distant activity, we do plan to keep recording and releasing episodes through these uncertain times as best we can. If you want to help out, it's really easy: please keep listening, and a huge help is sharing our shows with someone or some people that could use some positivity right now.

As for us, I'll keep you updated here, although sometimes not always on Monday.

1 Quick Life Tip
Let acts of kindness inspire you.

Beauty Banks, a charity that supplies essential toiletries to people in poverty, launched an emergency virus-related appeal on Sunday.

"I do think the act of giving just makes us feel better," said co-founder Sali Hughes. "It feels as though we're doing something, we're part of a collective effort."

Source: BBC
And What I'm Doing:

The Government & Businesses Might Owe You: Dan narrated a super helpful article on Sunday's Episode 1101 of Optimal Finance Daily. It's really easy to lose track of what's owed to you by utility companies and more, especially if your address has changed a few times. You can check and to find out if any is owed to you and claim it now. It's easy. I've already found some for friends and family.


Your Safety and Health: I'm wishing you the best as we get all get through this together. And "together" is what I hope we focus on. Without drivers, we wouldn't be able to get online goods. Without small business owners, we wouldn't know where to turn. If we're not allowed to (or we're scared to) visit an establishment and they offer gift cards, consider making a purchase now to help their loss of sales. If a friend runs out of... toilet paper (sigh)... please help them out. We're in this together, and while maybe we should avoid each other physically for the time being, please don't turn your back on a friend in need.

Also Thinking

Toilet Paper: This has been talked about a lot, but I can't help myself, because I was questioning this weeks ago. Why in the world is there a toilet paper shortage? The average woman uses about a roll of 2-ply toilet paper per week. Men: only around one a month. (Source: Vice, among others). So a 4-person household of 2 men and 2 women would need maybe 10 rolls a month if I did my math right. Let's double that because some sources say a bit more. If that's true, one of those "18 mega rolls = 82 regular rolls" packs (like $20) should last 4 people like 4-8 months! That's just one of those 18 roll packs. Basically, please don't hoard. The novel coronavirus shouldn't even affect toilet paper usage anyway. And fun fact: people with bidets use 80% less toilet paper, but I'll share more about that in the future.
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Listener Profiles

Here's where you can get to know your fellow podcast listeners a little better. 😎

Say hi to Marigny (@marignygoodyearart)!


Name: Marigny Goodyear / Talent, OR

Occupation: Artist

1. What are your hobbies?

Surfing, hiking, being with my family.

2. What are you struggling with?

I live with chronic anxiety and depression. It is my everyday beast, and at times, it is hard for me to make a simple trip to the grocery. My mind is prone to racing, over thinking, and leans towards the negative by default. As I've gotten older, I've stopped ignoring and hiding it and have been more mindful about creating a life that addresses it head on. It is an ongoing struggle but through painting, writing my blog, and surfing, I break through anxiety paralysis and move towards freedom.

3. What projects are you currently working on?

This year, I am creating paintings that inspire people to breathe, slow down, and let go. I'm also documenting my journey on my blog where I openly and honestly discuss living with anxiety and depression. Through art, I create meditative spaces and hope to inspire others to embrace themselves, faults and all.

4. Share an item from your bucket list.

I've done most of them! "See a UFO" is still on there.

5. Share something you've learned in the past month.

That by slowing down, I can actually become more productive. It isn't always about working ourselves to the bone.


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Listener Photos

Ray listening to the podcasts and traveling in Mexico City. His picture is of the Pyramid of the Moon in Teotihuacán!

Send your pic of where you're listening from. Simply reply to this email with your pic (and your Instagram handle if you have one so I can give you credit). And check out our Listener Pics page to see collages of pics sent in over the years!

Have a great week! Your optimal life awaits...

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